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Bubble Gum 🌟

Who the fuck decided to vacuum seal that tho


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Anonymous said: There's a blog called hellnoleftists and they are obviously a troll blog but they are a really offensive one that harrasses people uses ableist slurs and suggests treating animal rights activists as property.





How gross.

I wonder who anon is. Probably some loser like hatewizard, trying to beg for pity because her feels were hurt by some random stranger online.

I’ve called some individuals ‘retard’ or comparable variations but since the truly mentally retarded wouldn’t understand me anyway I can’t say I give a shit. And no one is forcing those stupid leftists to culturally appropriate the low IQ of a disabled person anyway.

Are you saying that people who are mentally handicapped should not be considered people?

And what if I was indeed saying that? Is dainty little kingoftowels going to be… triggered?


By the way, there is nothing ‘dehumanizing’ about pointing out that mentally disabled people don’t understand certain things that require higher-level cognitive processes. Nice try, cunt.

You are the biggest piece of shit in the world and I truly believe if someone were to cut your sack off, I’d be there to hand them the saw. As far as me being triggered by anything, probably not gonna happen, but go ahead and try all you’d like. By the way, what takes you so long to come up with these responses? Do you write these and revise them throughout the week then post them when you’ve reached a final draft? I totally forget about you every single time, then randomly you pop up. You act like people with mental handicaps are slow, but God damn you obviously have less cognitive ability than the least capable person with a mental handicap. Also as far as I care about your life, your parents could kill themselves in front of you and I’d pay for front row seats to watch you cry like the tiny bitch you are. You’re nothing but a pathetic whiny man-child crying on tumblr because people pay more attention to others than they do you, how sad.

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Finding out you can watch an entire season at once:


Finding out the next season won’t come out til 2015:


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creepypasta time


the creepiest pasta is lasagna, imo. how did it get so wide

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I swear there’s a totally valid explanation for this

I’m just gonna assume this is from Jojos Bizarre Adventure and that makes everything about this gif make sense so let’s go with that


*opens inspect element on a webpage* Ive accessed the mainframe

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you can tack on “and dragons” after any title and it’ll be 900% better

Dungeons & Dragons and Dragons

that’s TWICE the dragons, you literally cannot go wrong with this

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when you say “bless you” to someone before they actually sneeze


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My father deserves to fucking get curb stomped and smash all his fucking teeth. It hope he fucking mouths off to the wrong person and ends up getting fucking shot or worse. You seriously are the biggest fucking asshole I’ve ever met and I hope you never find happiness because you do not deserve it. You will die within six years and I’ll be free of your bullshit forever, and own this house. Fuck you, you old piece of fucking shit, you’re the reason I’ve tried to kill myself so many god dawned times and when you’re gone, my life will be so much better because I won’t have to deal with the constant pressure of you looming over head, judging every single thing I do, as if I am your puppet to control until the strings snap. I ended up stepping on a nail at a job you had set up for me and you said “you’re a fucking pussy, man up and go to work” while my foot was swolen to the point where I couldn’t put my foot in my own shoes. You told me to “stop being a baby” when you had me working in 25° weather shoveling snow off rooftops for 10 hours at a time, when I was 15, and you decided to act like I’m some worthless piece of shit tonight by saying to my mother “well at least one person other than me fucking has a job and goes to work in this house”. Bitch I fucking vacuumed and dusted the entire house earlier, and you don’t feel like noticing? You’re such a fucking asshole. Your mother would beat your fucking ass so god damned hard for the shit you put me through if she was still alive today, Cici, would not let you treat me this way and if you only understood that, you’d be as ashamed of yourself I as I am. Seriously you are the reason I have such bad anxiety and depression in my life and you don’t believe either of those exist.

You ever look at a dick on your dash an go, oh okay. That’s cool and all but I don’t like Dicks, so you keep scrolling



The Fault in Our Stepbrothers



Am I the only one who thinks Sword Art focuses on boobs a bit too much in the second half off the first season, and animates boobs a bit too bouncy?

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